I am ugly not

I am ugly. This is not an objective truth. If I put my hand on a hot stove , it produces a biological response – pain. And depending on how long or how hot the stove is, a blister will appear. The pain and blister do not need human validation or acceptance to exist. They just are. This is truth.


When I say I am ugly, I mean I think I am ugly. It is a thought. A thought that did not originate with me but I have now taken on as my own. And while the thought itself is intangible, I have now begun to produce bodily/physical reactions to the idea of my ugliness. I will initially begin to feel my energy levels decreasing and then my body begins to produce tears.

I can touch the tears, I can see them but I can’t see the thought. I can also see my face and the combination of things I have been told, and I have come to accept, as ugly. But without the judgement or the thought, my facial features, my scars, my acne just are. They are ugly because others and I have judged them to be so. There is no way to go about proving that I am ugly without relying on the opinion of others. It is therefore not true.

I have come to realise that it is not my acne , not the black spots on my face, not my oily skin and certainly not my forehead which are ugly. It is my thinking that I am ugly which makes me ugly.



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